Black earth and garden soil in Montreal

Garden soil

High quality gardening soil is a guarantee of healthy vegetation and luxurious outdoors. Choose the best!


Plantation soil
Plantation soil (Fafard’s landscape gardening top soil) is a weedless mixed soil, enriched with composted manure, with lime. Organically rich, it offers great soil fertility. Our best soil for gardening and top dressing your lawn. Bulk product.
Garden topsoil
Garden topsoil is constituted of black earth , peat moss and some sand. Mainly used for top dressing lawns and gardens.
Sifted topsoil
Sifted topsoil is heavy plowland, providing good compaction possibilities and water retention. Main applications; before laying down grass sod, filling, relevelling around building foundations.
Sandy loam
Sandy loam is a natural sandy type of soil mainly used for filling, mitigating clayish soils and drainage deficiencies. Can also be used for laying down grass sods on clayish ground.

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