Concrete and specialized mortars

Cement, concrete and specialized mortars

Our huge choice of cement, concrete and specialized mortars is of the highest standard in outdoor design and landscaping.

 Product Description
Concrete plan
Unique concrete plan for smaller projects; fence posts, shed floor, concrete borders, sidewalks...
Bags of cement and premix concrete Bags of; premix concrete, cement-sand mix, mortar mix, parging mix, post-mix, Portland cement, masonry cement, cold patch asphalt

Mapei Planitop XS
A one-component,fast-setting, fiber-reinforced, polymer-modified, vertical, horizontal and overhead repair mortar. Can be applied from featheredge to 4 inch per lift.
King MasonBond 400 a pre-blend high bond strength mortar specifically designed for use with cultured stone as well as for granite pavers and slab installations. Excellent resistance to de-icing salt.
King 2-1-9 type S mortar a pre-blend type S mortar specifically designed for use with concrete and stone masonry units when a higher compressive strength is required. High bond, high impermeability and excellet resistance to free-thaw cycles.

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