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From concept to realization, let us guide you through every step of your project with comfort and ease.

Landscape experts

You don't usually plan landscaping projects - we do it everyday!

Surround yourself well.

Engineering a landscape is a time-consuming, large-scale project. With over 50 years' experience in the field, Laniel is your trusted partner. Simplify your task and call on our experts who will answer all your questions and help your project succeed.

Custom outdoor design

The know-how to listen and to understanding well your needs - that's what we built our reputation on.

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Come by to see us

With over 5000 sq ft of products on display, you'll definitely find what you're looking for.

In store, our specialist advisers will greet you and help guide you in defining your project then see it through completion.

Looking for a contractor? We can recommend top professionals we've worked with for years.

At home

There's no place like home

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Housecalls (In-home consultation service)

Thanks to its unique "mobile showroom" service, Laniel lets you validate your choice of products directly on site. Throughout your project, our landscaping expert with over 20 years' experience can drop by whenever you need, to give you helpful advice.

At your service

There's probably some Laniel's already in your neighbourhood.

50 years of satisfied customers

Few companies are this committed to your project's success. Thanks to quality customer service since the beginning, Laniel has become a leader in outdoor design.

Ask around the neighbourhood, you're sure to find some Laniel's behind it!

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