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Landscape professionals can find a wide selection of top quality tools for projects of all sizes at Laniel's.

 Product Description
Aluminum screeding bar Tubular rectangular 3” X 1” aluminum bar for levelling foundation and bedding for pavers and walls. Advantages on wood; always strait, does not twist, does not bend.
1" diam. steel pipe Black steel circular tubing used as levelling guides for pavers, slabs and walls.
36" asphalt rake 36” wide aluminum rake, 82” handle. Two heads in one; solid and serrated. For spreading gravel and asphalt evenly and efficiently.
36" landscape rake 36” wide aluminum rake, 66” handle. Two heads in one; solid and serrated. For smoothing, seeding grass and general clean up.
Pavetech 4 lbs paver mallet Use to level and line up pavers and wall blocks. Replacement heads available.
Paver persuader Designed for tightening the laying edge joint of pavers and slabs.
Paver saver mat Reduces damage to textured surface of concrete and stone pavers and slabs.
Mason’s chisel To cut bricks, concrete pavers and wall blocks. Good to create corner and end blocks with split faced or guillotined wall blocks.
Guillotine Ideal tool for cutting bricks, concrete pavers and wall blocks. More efficient and precise than mason’s chisel.
Hand pounder
Good for compacting small areas, tight corners and where not recommended to use mechanical compactors; next to foundations and behind retaining walls.
Paver adjuster
Tool you drive down in between pavers and slabs to ensure straight alignment.
Monolithic step grabber Clamp you hook onto fork lift or Bobcat. Opens from 2 to 24”, lifting capacity of 1760 lbs. Ideal for carrying heavy monolithic steps.
Big slab handler Clamp lifted by two workers. Opens up to 43”, lifting capacity of 330 lbs. Ideal for carrying oversized slabs.
Concrete diamond blades Available in 7, 12 and 14” diameter. Designed to cut concrete pavers and wall blocks.
Black abrasive blades Available in 7 and 12” diameter. For cutting concrete, metal and asphalt.

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