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Permacon slabs

Permacon concrete slabs adapt themselves to all styles of properties. They're the perfect choice for the surfacing of entrances, sidewalks, terraces and patios.

 Product Description
Cassara slab A slab perfectly complementary to Cassara paver. Its smooth texture combined to its sharp straight lines make it the perfect slab for contemporary linear landscape designs. Part of Permacon’s Melville collection.
City Slab A buffed texture and glossy finish give the City Slab a unique fine look. Available in three large modules and three trendy monochromatic hues, it allows modular as well as linear layouts enhancing all contemporary outdoor spaces with undeniable prestige. From Permacon’s City collection.
Lattice slab The lattice slab is designed especially to introduce greenery to traffic areas and more recently to permeable parking spaces. Its alveolus allow the growth of greenery and/or filling with decorative stone for increased stability.
Econo slab  The Econo slab is mainly destined to DIY looking for a cost-effective solution for simple outdoor projects. Available in 12 x 12 inch with light texture, and offered in three different colours. Part of Permacon’s Modulo line of product.
Giga slab A large stone textured slab with straight lines, offering three different units allowing endless design possibilities for natural look outdoor spaces. From Permacon’s Lafitt collection.
Hemmingford slab Hemmingford slab emulates random natural stepping stones. Ideal for small “pas chinois” or free-form patios. Its advantage on natural stone is the constancy of its thickness.From Permacon’s Heritage collection.
Infiniti slab Infiniti slab has a slate texture. Available in three different sizes allowing for linear and modular patterns. Offered in three trendy colours; range grey, beige and black. Part of Permacon’s Trafalgar collection. 
Lexa slab A bush hammered textured slab with clean straight lines available in three monochromatic colours offering a very urban and contemporary look to you outdoor space. Available in three different sizes allowing for linear and modular patterns. Part of Permacon’s Lexa collection.  
Melville 50 slab A smooth textured, straight edged slab for modern and contemporary outdoor designs. Available in three sizes allowing for linear and modular patterns. From Permacon’s Melville collection.
Melville 60 slab Melville 60 is a smooth textured very versatile slab offering a contemporary and modern look. Used for pedestrian areas, being the perfect complement to Melville 80 paver. Combined to Melville Step unit, it can be used to cover deteriorated concrete steps and walkways.
Mega-Melville slab Mega-Melville is an oversized smooth textured slab, great complement to Melville 60 mainly for arranging vast paved areas. Can be used as large stepping stones in modern and contemporary designed outdoor spaces.
Mondrian Plus 50 slab A large, cut-stone textured slab, ideal for patios, terraces and walkways with a natural feel. Available in three different sizes allowing for modular and linear patterns. Combined to Mondrian Capping module, it can be used to cover deteriorated concrete steps, landings and walkways. From Permacon’s Lafitt collection.
Mondrian Plus 60 slab Mondrian Plus 60mm is the perfect complement to Mondrian Plus 80 paving stone. Its natural cut-stone texture brings up warmth and nobility to your outdoor space. Available in three modules allowing for modular and linear layouts. From Permacon’s Lafitt collection.
Mega-Mondrian Plus slab Mega-Mondrian is an oversized slate textured slab, ideal to dynamise large paved spaces. Can be used as large stepping stones in chic country-style designed outdoor areas.
Patio + slab Patio + slab is destined to DIYers looking for a low price solution to simple projects. This one-size slab offers a cobble paving stone look. Part of Permacon’s Modulo line of products.
Portage slab A single module slate textured slab with irregular edgings reminding the natural look of flagstone in a simplified version. Interlocking just like pavé uni for greater stability of projects such as patios, terraces and walkways. Can also serve as stepping stones.  
Quadral slab  A natural stone textured slab evoking the dignified look of slate. A single-size module with false joints providing the look of four irregular sized chiseled edge pavers disposed in a modular pattern. Part of Permacon’s Modulo line of products.
Rosebel slab A slate textured random shaped slab emulating natural flagstone work. Available in three “close to nature” colours; range of greys, range of beige and greys, range of beige and browns. From Permacon’s Trafalgar collection.
Saranak slab A natural chiseled stone slab, available in two separate modules. Ideal for walkways and patio with a natural feel. Its two sizes allow for linear and modular patterns. Offered in ranges of beige- black and grey-charcoal, From Permacon’s Modulo line of products.
Victoria slab A New-England antique paving stone looking slab. Its false joints create the illusion of a parquet checkered pattern. Part of Permacon’s Modulo line of products.
High Resistance 24x24 slabs Two styles are availaible; the Waffle slab and the Paver style slab. Both only available in grey. Often used on pedestals for roof-terraces.

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