Sand and polymeric sand

Polymer sand

Polymer sand gives the finishing touch to your pathways and surfaces by filling the gaps between patio slabs or pavers. Our products are durable and of very high quality.

Product Description
Cement sand
Cement sand is a washed coarse sand, stone free. Mixed to Portland cement and gravel to make concrete, mixed to masonry cement to make mortar. Used also for parging (plaster) mix, and for kids’ playground, sand box.
Pool sand
Pool sand is a clean earthy type of sand, mainly used as fill and compaction material, to prepare and level the ground before installing above ground pools.
Concrete sand
Concrete sand for pavers is a coarser type of sand with small pebbles. Use to mix concrete and as abrasive at Winter time. Recommended as bedding for paving stones and patio slabs.
Concrete sand and ¼” stone
Concrete sand and ¼” stone, is a half and half mix prepared for our concrete plan. 1 ½ tons mixed with six 40 kg bags of Portland cement to  make one cubic yard of concrete.
Polymeric sand
Polymeric sand is a subtle mix of graded sand and polymeric binders to sweep in joints between interlocking paving stones and slabs. It starts setting only a few minutes after being activated with water. It offers great resistance to weed growth and water erosion. Available in beige, grey and black in regular and high performance formulas at Laniel Prodamex, your landscape retail and wholesale specialist.

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