Collection of Techo-Bloc
concrete products

Techo-Bloc is a broad collection of landscaping products for the yard, patio, terracing and garden. Built to last, all Techo-Bloc products and materials - pavings, blocks, walls and steps - let you reinvent your outdoor space.

Techo-Bloc cobbling blocks are available in a variety of styles and colors. You'll have a wide array of options to enhance your home's cachet.



The large choice of sizes, textures and colors with Industria gives you an unparalleled range for customizing. Techo-Bloc's Industria collection offers a purified look imprinted with refinement.

Industria - paver



Techo-Bloc's concrete paving products can create a broad variety of effects. The refined lines and chiseled texture of the BLU 80mm series lend your pavement the allure of lightly polished stones. It's then simply up to you to coordinate the colors of your choice to borrow the look of opulence of natural stone.

BLU 80MM - Paver



Rediscover the unique aspect of winding roads in Old World capitals with Techo-Bloc's Villagio series. Get inspired with the timeless, centuries-old historic charm of these pavings.

Villagio - Paver

Take advantage of concrete's great durability, while creating the effect you wish for your patio. Techo-Bloc's slabs recreate many varieties of natural stone and wood alike, to let you personalize your outdoor spaces.



Discover the great diversity of sizes, textures and colors of the Industria series. This Techo-Bloc product will help you design a patio with a purified look imprinted with refinement.

Industria - Slab



Concrete meets wood. Techo-Bloc's Borealis paving blocks capture the essence of hard wood floors, adding a luxurious touch to your garden. Whether for your pool perimeter, your terrace or patio, Borealis will infuse your garden with the sumptuous look of hard wood.

Borealis - Slab



Techo-Bloc BLU 60mm blocks are oversized to create a deep visual impact. Solid, these blocks can bear light albeit constant pedestrian traffic, making them ideal for pathways and patios.

BLU 60MM - Slab

The addition of vertical elements to your terracing helps delineate space and create pleasing views. Techo-Bloc wall blocks are durable, solid and modern-looking. They enhance your surroundings to let you enjoy them more fully.



Dual-faced walls with flowerbed border, Techo-Bloc Borealis wall blocks help you produce an environment of distinction. Inspired from railroad wooden beams, the Borealis range will add a rare, refined look to your garden and patio.

Borealis - Wall



Whether you want to mark off the garden area from the pool area or enhance the cachet of your patio, Techo-Bloc's Mini-Creta double-sided walls are the solution. With the choice of antique or modern finish (Mini-Creta Architectural), you get an ideal versatility to complete all your projects, from a fountain to a BBQ island, outdoor fireplace or bar.

Mini-Creta - Wall



The great resilience and durability of Techo-Bloc's Suprema walls make them the ideal choice for ICI and residential applications. Most attractive, this product comes in two finishes: split faced or sculpted face. Combined or separate, these two finishes create spectacular effects in your landscaping.

Suprema - Wall



Techo-Bloc's Brandon walls evoke cut natural stone. The chiseled surface of this product allows for rustic arrangements with the charm of nature.

Brandon - Wall



Graphix is the promise of a modern visual effect that'll make a statement. This Techo-Bloc easy-to-install product will give your surroundings a unique style, of varying depths.

Graphix - Wall

Stairways created according to your preferences will give a personal touch to your yard. Winding, straight, modern or rustic, every arrangement becomes possible with Techo-Bloc steps.



Techo-Bloc Maya steps create completely unique stairways of stature, with a natural look. With these products, you can give your garden flowing levels and easy-to-reach natural elevations.

Maya - Step



Rocka steps combine elegance and lots of step coverage. This Techo-Bloc product helps create pathways that adapt perfectly to your yard's terrain.

Rocka - Step

Venetian overlay system


Discover the charm of Venetian architecture thanks to Techo-Bloc's Venetian collection. Mimicking antique sculpted Italian stone to perfection, these products will let you add a touch of prestige to your outdoor stairways.

Venetian overlay system - Step



All the warmth of hard wood can be found in the Borealis collection. With this Techo-Bloc product, your outdoor stairways will become an asset sure to draw admiration in your garden.

Borealis - Step

Techo-Bloc Edges

Clearly and harmoniously define the different areas of your landscaping with Techo-Bloc borders.



The smooth and polished Raffinato collection can be used to mark off pathways or flower beds, wall corners or to build columns.

Raffinato - Edge



Inspired by the use of railway ties in landscape architecture, the versatility of Borealis walls and flower bed borders go from simple border for flower beds to creating dual-faced and garden walls.

Borealis - Edge



An innovating touch on rustic brick, the Brandon border increases the exterior appeal of your entrance and reduces the maintenance of your pathways by holding in your mulch and holding back weeds.

Brandon - Edge



Attractive, with its sides made of structured slate topped by a rock-type surface, the Avignon border is ideal for grassy platforms, mulched flower beds and interlock pavings.

Avignon - Border