Techo-Bloc steps in Montreal

Techo-Bloc steps

Stairways created according to your preferences will add an entirely personal touch to your yard. Winding, straight, modern or rustic - every combination becomes possible with Techo-Bloc step stones.

 Product Description
Borealis step Borealis step is one that emulates wood. It is inspired by the use of railway ties with the advantage of not rotting over time. It blends in perfectly with Borealis slabs and Borealis walls/edgings for rustic and country-style outdoor spaces
Maya step Maya is a large random shaped step, reminding natural stone steps. Ideal for rustic landscaped areas.
Raffinato step A smooth and elegant monolithic step. Blends in perfectly in modern and sophisticated outdoor spaces. Available in monochrome colours.
Rocka step Rocka is a beautiful step, similar to guillotined natural stone steps. Available in 48 and 60 inch lengths, the Rocka step is the perfect complement to all natural outdoor spaces with its chic rustic style.
York step The York step completes the York Selection, a series of products inspired by carved natural stone; steps, wall copings, pillar caps that will enhance your outdoor spaces with a touch of nobility.
Venetian System Add curb appeal and value to your home by covering your deteriorated concrete steps and walkways with the Venetian collection, including step blocks and riser blocks. Venetian is inspired by majestic antique Italian carved stone. The Blu 45 mm slabs, used to cover landings and walkways complete the collection. Also available with a smooth texture for more modern and clean outdoor spaces.

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