Techo-Bloc walls in Montreal

Techo-Bloc wall blocks

The addition of vertical elements to your landscaping helps delineate areas and create pleasing views. Techo-Bloc wall blocks are durable, solid and modern-looking. They enhance your surroundings to let you fully enjoy them.

 Product Description
Baltimore wall block  Double-sided wall block with a chiseled stone texture. Offered in two thicknesses allowing for linear and modular layouts. Available in Champlain grey, Shale grey, Chestnut brown, Brazilian sand and Sandlewood.
Borealis wall block and edging  Borealis wall can also be used as a garden edging. Inspired by the use of railway ties, Borealis is the perfect wood look-alike collection, offering the charm and warmth of wood and durability of concrete.
Brandon wall block  

Brandon wall block is inspired by guillotined natural stone. It blends in perfectly with slate textured paving stones bringing out the charm and nobility of natural stone. Available in 90 and 180 mm modules. Also offered as outdoor square and rectangular fire pits. Can be matched to Napoleon’s burners for outdoor fire tables and pit.

Escala wall block Escala is a wall block with an antiquated look. Ideal for retaining and garden walls. Allows 7 inch rise steps that integrate harmoniously and structurally to your wall.
Graphix wall block The Graphix wall is a wall block with a modern and eye-catching three dimensional design. For elegant, rectilinear retaining and garden walls. 
Manchester wall block Manchester wall block is a very versatile stone. Its weathered texture gives it a unique warm and country-style look. It allows building beautiful garden walls, garden edgings, pillars even rustic outdoor fire pits and exterior kitchen components.
Mini-creta wall block

A double-sided wall block offered in 3 and 6 inch modules as well in its original aged texture version as in its most recent modern and split-face finish. Mini-Creta is very popular for building retaining walls, garden walls and pillars. Often used as a structure for water and fire features, outdoor bars and seats. Available in range of greys, beiges and browns.

Prescott wall block

A wall block that emulates crafted, chiseled stone. Available in two different thicknesses; 2 ¼ and 4 ½ inches that allow building retaining and garden walls visually very interesting. Offered in shades similar to natural stone. Square fire pit kit also available.

Raffinato wall block Raffinato is a smooth textured wall block available in 90 and 180 mm modules. Offered in monochrome solid colours, ideal for retaining walls and garden walls integrated into modern and sophisticated outdoor spaces. Raffinato outdoor fire pit kit also available. 
Rocka wall block and edging Rocka was originally a monolithic step that emulated natural stone steps. Its popularity brought Techo-Bloc to extend the collection by creating the Rocka wall/edge. It is now possible to build double-sides walls, garden and flower bed edgings with a very natural stone look.
Semma wall block A quite massive retaining wall block, Semma is 6 x 16 inches. Offered in two different textures; split-face and polished. Allows also building columns (pillars).
Suprema wall block Suprema wall block is a massive block often used for either commercial or residential retaining walls. Available in two different textures; split-face and chiseled face. Allows building walls higher than 48 inches when used with geogrid membrane in accordance with the specifications of an engineer.

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