Gravel and crushed stone

We offer a complete selection of gravel and crushed stone for the realization of all your outdoor projects.

2-4 in. GRAVEL

We offer 2-4 in. gravel mainly as sub-base material for permeable pavement projects. Can also be used for drainage purposes.

Stone dust (rock dust)

Stone dust (rock dust) is used as levelling material. The final touch or bedding for laying down interlocking paving stones and patio slabs. Granulometry 0 – ⅛” or 0-5 mm

⅛” crushed stone (2,5-5mm)

⅛” crushed stone (2,5-5mm) is mainly used as anti-skid stone during Winter time but also to fill the gaps in between permeable paving stone. Some use it as roofing gravel.

¼” crushed stone (5-10 mm)

¼” crushed stone (5-10 mm)is mainly used as roofing gravel. It also acts as bedding material for permeable pavers. Also known as HPB; High Performance Bedding, more and more popular as draining bedding and foundation in the landscaping world.

¾” crushed stone (14-25 mm)

¾” crushed stone (14-25 mm) is mainly used for drainage purposes; backfill for retaining walls, in window wells, around french drains and as foundation material for permeable pavers and concrete work

0-¾” crushed stone or MG-20 (0-20mm)

0-¾” crushed stone or MG-20 (0-20mm) is mainly used as foundation material for either driveways, patios, walkways as well for interlocking paving stone as for asphalt pavement. Should be compacted very 4 to 6” for greater stability.

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