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How to plan a landscape design

Why make a plan?

Because it is important to give your project a direction. It is also important to create a link so your landscaping project blends in nicely with the architecture of your house and its surroundings. Because it is much easier to correct a pencil line on a plan than redo some work that is already done.

We can also help you define your project. Ask about our unique in-home consultation service and Mobile Showroom.

How to make a plan?

Get your location certificate.

It will help you get an overall view of your project and give you a scale to work from. It will help you determine your project’s shape and dimensions.

Fix the main lines of your project

Fix its main activity; playground, swimming pool, picnic area, for how many people, rest area, mater feature, more privacy, things to hide or to highlight, access to shed, permanent structures, arbour, gazabo, parking; for how many cars, access to backyard, flower beds. Get info at city hall about inground wires or gaz conducts, regulations concerning distance to keep from property lines, tolerated heights for structures. Different permits needed, etc.

Determine a focus point

Determine the main attraction, the element you want to highlight. If you are planning some work around a swimming pool, make sure, and even more if you have kids, to keep a clear view between the house and the pool.
Come see us to learn about the different products available on the market.

Come to visit us, we’ll give you all the information on how to install the products best suited for your project.

Determine your budget

Once you have fixed the main lines of your project and taken proper measurements, come meet one of our consultants. We will help you find the products that best suit your project. We can evaluate your project and suggest a list of professional contractors able to make your project become reality.

If you consider hiring a professional, we recommend that you meet with three. This way you get different ideas that may help you determine exactly what you need. Selection should be based on knowledge, understanding of your needs and ideas and trust. Do not base your choice on price only. In fact, beware of those that come up with prices much lower than others and above all do not give them any kind of deposit before the work is started!!! You often pay for what you get…

Starting from here, you now have a good idea of what kind of budget is involved whether you undertake the project yourself or hire a professional. Obviously you don’t have to do everything in the same year. Most landscaping project, slightly elaborate, take often more than a year to complete.

If it exceeds your projections…

There are many options you can consider:

  1. Divide your project into phases; start with work involving heavier machinery. If you are doing the front first and have projects for the back, leave a free access to it. If you install a fence, consider leaving 1 or 2 removable pannels. If you have in mind some irrigation system or electrical installation, think of them before putting down pavers and blocks.
  2. See what you can do yourself, knowing your abilities and the free time you can spare to such project.
  3. Spread payments to your convenience; nowadays you can get credit lines from financial institutes at lower rates than any financial plans manufacturers could offer.
  4. Select less expensive products. There are products for all budgets that allow beautiful results. However if the colours or styles available do not please you, it may be preferable for you to consider the previous options. Avoid regretting your choice everytime you step outside your house!

Don’t forget to allow a budget for trees, plants and flowers!

At your image…

The way your landscape is designed is an important element of how good or how bad your house can look. People are more aware of that fact nowadays. Your home is a continuation of who you are.
A house for sale that is nicely landscaped will be a lot easier to sell. It is now recognized that landscaping is a good investment.

With today’s trend towards home offices and crazy work hours, it is getting more important to create for one’s self an environment that is both professional and comfortable.
Landscape your residence to your image! Make your façade inviting and welcoming, and hide away in the peace and comfort of a beautiful backyard.

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