Price List 2024

Information about cultivated grass sod.

There is no garanty on sod. It is usually very tough and can last a good 24 hours on pallets before it is installed, except when the weather is very hot and particularly during the first weeks of June.

During this period nights are still cold and days can get very hot. Sod that is cut early in the morning and covered with dew will heat up faster than usual. On very hot days, sod that was cut while still humid can even shrink.

It is recommended to put down your grass within 6 hours following delivery and to declare any problem within 6 hours after installation, so within 12 hours after it was delivered.

Any complaint that would come after these delays would not be treated because the cause of the problem would not be due to the bad quality of the grass but inadequate installation and/or maintenance.

Make sure you lay your grass on good quality soil (on which you have spread a Starter fertilizer 12-18-8), then roll it with a roller so no air keep the roots from making contact with the soil. This way you stimulate the growth of the roots.

Wet during one hour per section every day for the first 10-15 days and then regularly, following city regulations. Particular attention should be brought to rolls that are fully exposed to the sun, surrounding asphalt driveways and top of steep slopes.

Purchasing cost for sod

Example: 2500 sq. . (278 sq. yards) / 4” of soil (based on 2019’s price list)

Products necessary qty price total
Sifted top soil 32 30,60 892,80
Grass sods 250 4,10 862,50
Local delivery / lift 1 90,00 80,00
Total     2094,20
Plus taxes     2407,81
Price per square yard     8,66

* It is important to use good quality soil when sodding. Sandy soil is not recommended unless you have a clayish ground.

A contractor charges +/- $12 per sq. yard to install.

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