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Installation guide for retaining walls.


Dig a 24” wide trench. The depth usually varies from 9 to 12 inches. You need to take into consideration that 10% of the total height of the wall has to be buried below ground level, the thickness of the foundation block (if necessary) and the 6” base of 0-3/4” crushed stone.


Cover the bottom of the trench and the slope to retain with a geotextile membrane. That membrane is used to protect the base and
drainage system from contamination of dirt or clay. It should exceed the height of the wall by about 12” so it can be brought back
towards the wall to wrap up the clean 3/4” gravel.


Fillup the trench with 6 inches of 0-3/4” crushed stone. Compact using a jumplig jack or a vibrating plate and level. To avoid accumulation of water behind the wall, install a 4”perforated french drain on the foundation and connect it to the existing drainage system.


Lay your blocks or foundation blocks according to your design. Make sure they are leveled.


Put down the blocks so the joints don’t meet those of the previous row; some type of wall systems offer half blocks, some others come in various lengths so you don’t have to worry about offsetting them. Some other blocks will need to be cut. If you ever decide to leave a space in between blocks, figure some extra membrane to install between the blocks and the 3/4” clean gravel. After every foot of height, backfill your wall with 3/4” stone and compact lightly.


Once you get at the last row, bring the excess of membrane towards the wall so you wrap up the drainage system and prevent contamination of it. Use capping modules to top off your wall. For safety it is recommended to glue these modules to the last row of regular wall blocks using a concrete adhesive. Finally cover up the membrane with decorative stones, soil, grass, much, etc., up to
the capping module.

Some types of blocks are better than others for certain applications.

Take time to determine the height and design of the wall you want to buid, then come see us, we will guide you towards the best products to help you make your project become reality.

If you forsee installing a ramp on your wall, it is recommended to glue the last 3 layers of blocks. You must install ramp when building 3 consecutives steps and more.

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