Mobile Showroom

Laniel Prodamex offers you a mobile showroom that allows you to validate all the product choices for your landscaping directly in your environment.



Over the years, more than 1200 customers have taken advantage of the mobile showroom.

Get the right advice

These same customers were not only pleased with the benefits this truck offers, but also impressed by the professionalism and efficiency such a service brought to their projects.

Our mobile showroom has a wide range of products, allowing you to test the entire range of samples from Techo-Bloc and Permacon, two of the best manufacturers in the industry, right at home . We can therefore show you most of the different products we sell, whether in terms of size, colour, texture or shape.

You will be able to validate your choice of materials in less than 45 minutes. Not only does our mobile showroom help to avoid mistakes and potential disappointment, but it also saves everyone time!

Being able to bring a large part of our product line directly to your outdoor space gives you a better vision of the final product and reduces the likelihood of making mistakes. This guarantees customer satisfaction!


An expert at home

There is no better place to be than home!

In addition to offering you our showroom right at home, our technician is there to do more than just deliver samples. He is there to guide you in your wants and needs as well as to answer any questions you may have. He is always on the lookout for the latest market trends and can therefore suggest many different design styles for your project.

He has done the work! With over 20 years of experience on various types on construction sites, he is a true expert in the landscaping field. He will guide you through the different stages of your project by providing you invaluable expert advice.



For many landscape contractors, our mobile showroom has become an indispensable tool to showcase their expertise and offer the best and most personalized solution for their customers.

More than 90% of our landscaping partners who use our mobile showroom have seen their sales increase with us by more than 60% in the last three years.