Backyard Landscaping

Do you need ideas for organizing your yard? Laniel Paysage is an expert in this subject! For more than 60 years, we’ve taken care of backyard landscaping. Come discuss your project with us. Together, we’ll find the best products to bring it to life. Discover the solutions we offer you to optimize your landscaped environment.

Patio slabs

To design a pleasant and enjoyable backyard, it’s important to choose the right slab. The flooring will allow you to personalize your relaxation area and enjoy your backyard to the fullest.

In addition to being resistant and durable, this type of imitation natural stone slab is ideal for bringing a touch of authenticity to your yard.

Permacon slabs, walls, and coping

60 mm Margaux beige Rosebel and Vendome slabs. 60 mm Amber beige Melville slabs. Amber beige Cassara wall and Margaux beige Melville coping from Permacon.

Modular panels

Lounge-style panels are particularly trendy at the moment. This type of landscaping is optimal if you want to set up a small exterior courtyard with a fireplace and thereby create an intimate atmosphere.

The panel system is the master key. It dresses up your yard perfectly and blends into any environment. A must for outdoor decoration!

Alternative layout, Permacon slabs

18×26 Scandina grey Artex panel system. Scandina grey Cassara slabs from Permacon.

Natural stone pathway ​

Create a bucolic and mysterious atmosphere by laying out a paved pathway in the vegetation of your garden. Whether you choose flat stones or granite slabs, the goal is to design a sufficiently stable surface to form a pathway that will lead you to your patio or tool shed.
Laniel Paysage products will be perfect for a natural and rural atmosphere.

Natural stone slabs

Chinese steps (silica).

Outdoor lighting

Backyard landscaping wouldn’t be complete without good lighting. Whether it’s in the garden, on the patio, or in the pool, it’s essential to be able to move around outside in total safety.

For your stairs and pool, opt for discreet light fixtures in the steps and weir-type lighting to maintain a harmonious aesthetic.

Steps, coping, lighting, and weirs

Techo-Bloc Para 250×500, 500×500, and 750×500 beige cream slabs. Venetian smooth beige cream riser. Raffinato beige cream coping. Solworx lighting and weirs, light with 3-in. plate. Acrylic weir. Outdoor fireplace: Napoleon 48×14 rectangular burner.

Outdoor kitchen

Complement your urban furniture with a splendid outdoor kitchen! Modular or built-in, you’re spoiled for choice. According to the allocated space and your budget, you can add a set of doors and drawers to store your utensils and thereby achieve a functional and pleasant kitchen areaThanks to Laniel Paysage, backyard landscaping has never been so simple!

Walls and outdoor kitchens

Permacon Laffit 90 and 180 mm Margaux beige tandem wall. Napoleon BIPRO-500 built-in grill, 30×24 double door, and NFRO550RSS fridge.

Our experts at Laniel Paysage are at your disposal

Check out the different sections of our website to learn more about landscaping. If you have any specific questions or requests, you can contact us by phone or email. We will make every effort to give you as much information as possible and advise you effectively. Your satisfaction is our priority!

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