Outdoor Fireplaces

Do you want to offer your yard a warm and classy atmosphere? Brighten up your evenings outside by setting up a relaxation area around a magnificent fireplace. Thanks to Laniel Paysage, you can enjoy summer to the fullest and increase the value of your home. Discover our range of outdoor fireplaces and choose the model that suits you!

Brandon square fireplace

Extend your evenings in the yard or on your patio with this magnificent Brandon outdoor fireplace. Its limestone grey appearance blends in with any type of yard. If you like contemporary style, opt for Raffinato coping; its sleek finish is exactly the type of model to privilege.

The stone used for the wall is one of the most popular from Techo-Bloc. You can’t go wrong! 

Fireplace type: Napoleon 24×24 square burner set.

Cascade Tandem square fireplace

In the category of square outdoor fireplaces, discover the Cascade Tandem wall. The Permacon wall slabs have a sleek shaded grey look, with Melville Rockland black coping. This type of layout offers your relaxation area an elegant atmosphere. This central decorative element is perfect for quiet evenings with family or friends. 

Fireplace type: Napoleon 24×24 square burner set.

Raffinato rectangular fireplace

The Raffinato outdoor fireplace collection is perfect for sleek and subtle yards. The Travertina Raw ivory-coloured slabs bring a beautiful brightness to the space. For its part, the wall is nickel grey with Raffinato 90 mm coping. You enjoy a modern and harmonious style that can match any event.

It’s just the thing to give your yard an undeniable touch of class!

Fireplace type: Napoleon 14×48 rectangular burner set.

Graphix rectangular fireplace

There’s no need for patio heaters with this superb rectangular fireplace created with the Graphix wall and Techo-Bloc Grande rounded coping. The combination of the onyx black and nickel grey colours provides a refined, sophisticated look. Its shape can accommodate many people around the fireplace. If you want to throw chic parties or simply enjoy the nice weather with your friends, this is the model to choose.

Fireplace type: Napoleon 14×48 rectangular burner set.

Valencia round fireplace

If you want a more traditional landscaping design, opt for circular outdoor fireplaces instead. The warm and classic aesthetic of the Valencia gives your outdoor space a round and comfortable atmosphere. The Mista charcoal beige paving stones give the wall a rustic yet clean look.

This is the ideal model for a natural yard with just enough landscaping. A sound investment for a soft and soothing atmosphere.   

Fireplace type: Valencia – Champlain grey.

Laniel Paysage at your service

For more information about our outdoor fireplaces, don’t hesitate to make an appointment by phone or write to us. Our team of landscaping experts will be delighted to help you create your dream garden! Contact us and we will advise you.

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