Outdoor stairs and steps

Does your landscaping have different heights? Do you need steps? At Laniel we offer a wide range of products for your outdoor stairs. Our products come from Techo-Bloc and Permacon, two leading manufacturers in the industry. Also to be discovered, our incomparable selection of natural stone steps.

Sandstone Natural Steps

Add a rustic touch to you landscaping with our random sandstone steps.

Limestone Guillotined Steps

More square-cut, our natural stone guillotined steps are easy to work with while still adding a natural element to your project.

Limestone Rock Faced Coping

Finish any step with our limestone rock faced caps. Their versatility allows you to match them with natural stone products as well as concrete slabs or pavers.

Limestone Bullnose Coping

With their rounded edge, our bullnose coping adds flare to any straight step.

Raffinato step

Elegant and smooth, this concrete step is perfect for refined and modern landscaping.

Rocka Step

Visually similar to the guillotined natural stone step, it is perfect for chic country style landscaping.Offered in four or five feet.

Venetian Step

Whether your house is modern or traditional, the Venetian is designed to cover existing concrete steps which add curb-appeal to any home.

Mega-Lafitt Plus Step

This style of step mixes modern and traditional elements with its smooth top and its textured face.

Mega-Melville Plus Step

This smooth, oversized step checks all the boxes for the latest modern design trends.

Mondrian Plus Capping Module

Designed for covering existing concrete steps, this imitation natural stone cap will surely add a rustic feel to your existing concrete area.

Melville 50 Capping Module

to update your outdoor space? Give your landscaping a face-lift by recovering your old concrete steps with this smooth rectangular block.

Alternative Landscaping

With its modern appearance, the Artex panel system makes it possible to create so many landscape elements, from benches to firepits, the possibilities are endless!

The Laniel expertise

More than 350 landscape contractors trust us every year and many of them have been doing so for over 20 years. Over the past 40 years, we have been involved in more than 100,000 landscaping projects. We are the specialized landscaping centre that has sold the most paving stones since its creation in Quebec in the late 1970s. Trust us to guide you in your landscaping projects.

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