Landscaping Walls : Retaining Walls and Garden Walls

You need to build a retaining wall?
At Laniel we offer a wide range of decorative and retaining walls. Our products come from
Techo-bloc and Permacon, two of the leading manufacturers in the industry. Also to be discovered, our incomparable selection of natural stone.
Our mobile showroom will save you time and money by giving you the opportunity to see all of the products we offer in your outdoor environment.

Sandstone Random 3-4’’ wall stone

Add a rustic decorative garden wall with our irregular flagstone to enhance your landscaping.

Nordic Schist Random 3’’ wall stone

Let the colors of our Nordic schist stone bring warmth and richness to your landscape.

Sandstone Guillotined Jumper stone

Our selection of guillotined natural wall stones are chiseled to make installation a breeze.

Cubic stone (small armour stone)

Like rock gardens but looking for something more regular in shape? Check out our cubic stones for small wall projects.

Armour Stone

These massive stones will give your retaining wall a rough and natural look that will survive the ever-changing trends.

Limestone Rock Face Coping

Finish any wall with our limestone rock faced caps. Their versatility allows you to match them with natural stone products as well as concrete products.

Limestone Bullnose coping

With their rounded edge, our bullnose coping adds flare to any wall or pool coping.

Brandon Wall

Reminiscent of cut natural stone, the Brandon wall adds the perfect charm with its slate finish.

G-Force Wall

With its modern and bulky appearance, the G-force is the perfect wall for large-scaled modern projects.

Escala Wall

With its old-fashioned look, the Escala wall is ideal for retaining walls and garden wall projects.

Graphix Wall

The Graphix wall’s varying depths and unique but simple installation process creates a 3 dimensional visual effect.

Manchester Wall

The antiqued style and smooth texture of the Manchester makes it a popular choice for rustic outdoor projects.

Mini-creta wall

Its rough appearance and double-sided finish makes this wall the most versatile wall for freestanding outdoor features.

Raffinato Wall

The Raffinato wall is smooth on all sides and its contour totes a beautifully detailed chamfer to add character to its sleek look.

Semma Wall

Big and strong, the Semma wall is rough in texture and is finished on both sides. This block is ideal for structural walls.

Skyscraper Wall

Modern in style, this massive block is perfect for commercial and industrial use.

Suprema Wall

This solid concrete wall block is often used for residential and commercial retaining wall applications.

Celtik Wall

Bearing a rough texture on one side only, the beveled blocks of the Celtik model complete any curved landscape wall.

Lafitt Tandem Wall

Made to imitate natural stone, this modular wall’s chiseled surface will give your landscape a rustic yet chic style.

Lamina Tandem Next Wall

This concrete wall’s chiseled face and natural appearance offers an aesthetically pleasing product whose style will stand the test of time.

Lexa Tandem Wall

With a finish that exposes the grain of the stone, this concrete wall is available in monochromatic colours and two different sizes.

Melville Tandem Wall

Smooth and sleek, this contemporary wall provides a sophisticated and elegant aspect to your outdoor vertical features.

Cascade Tandem Next Wall

Made from one simple piece, the finished look of this wall gives the illusion that it is made up of dry-stacked stones varying in depth giving it a 3D effect.

Cassara Wall

This oversized, smooth wall block is ideal for luxurious, contemporary designs.

City Wall

Featuring a polished finish, the City wall block proves luxurious, elegant, and prestigious in any application.

Test our products at home with our mobile showroom.

When designing a garden, retaining walls are not to be neglected! It is important you make the right choice to create a perfectly harmonious outdoor space. We will come directly to your home and help you choose which wall and colour is best suited for your project. At your house, we will introduce you to all the walls we offer. They come in many different styles, sizes, and colours. Double-sided, or with only one face finished, our walls can be used for decorative flower beds or as structural retaining walls. Using our in-home consultation service ensures you have a much better idea of the final result before even starting. Not only saving you time, this service can reduce the risk of making a mistake and being disappointed with your choices.

An expert at home who will advise you on your walls

Our technician is not there to simply provide you with the paving stone options, he is constantly on the lookout for the latest market trends to give you the best advice for your project. He will therefore be able to understand your wants and needs and to answer any questions you may have. More than that! He has 20 years of experience in landscaping project realisations. He will therefore be able to properly guide you through each step of your project while providing you with invaluable expert advice.

Why trust Laniel Prodamex?

Since 1959, we have been working with more than 350 landscape contractors each year and we have contributed to over 100,000 landscaping projects in the last 40 years. Many of these contractors and clients have been working with us for over 20 years and continue to put their trust in us every day.

Since the advent of the paving stone in Quebec, we have sold more blocks and pavers than any other distribution center.

We are also the recipients of several awards from the Chambers of Commerce and Economic Development Canada.

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