Modern Landscaping

Whether it’s for small spaces or large relaxation areas, we are the modern landscaping specialists. We get inspired by all the latest trends to offer you creations that live up to your expectations. Our team of landscaping advisors guides you from the start to the finish of your landscaping project. We innovate and create your outdoor space that will suit you!

Melville slabs

For your modern backyard, choose Permacon slabs. Melville 60mm Scandina grey slabs paired with Melville Rockland black coping offers a minimalist effect to your stone surface.

The contrast of light in the middle and dark around the edges outlines the space for a clean and airy look. Install an outdoor fireplace in a similar style to complete this classy and friendly atmosphere!  

Melville paving stones

For the front of your house or your driveway, Melville 80mm Scandina grey paving stones are a safe bet. We recommend this sleek, modern look to highlight your outdoor landscaping. Add a structured geometric touch with rectangular Rockland black paving stones. A clever combination that offers a chic and refined look!

This elegant, modern landscaping perfectly dresses up your yard and instantly catches the eye.

Raffinato retaining walls

If you have an outdoor pool at home, don’t hesitate to arrange the edges to enrich the space with an elegant finish. Raffinato 180mm retaining walls in nickel grey and onyx black give your yard a delicate and harmonious touch.

You can also have a 36-inch stainless-steel weir installed to give your pool a waterfall effect. Ideal for a pleasant moment of relaxation!

Para slabs

If you opt for an in-ground pool, Laniel Paysage recommends decorating the installation with Techo-Bloc slabs. The Para model in nickel grey and Raffinato 60mm coping in onyx black enhance the landscaping organization. The harmonious pairing of the materials with a refined style is an excellent example of modern landscaping.

A wise choice for anyone looking for that dynamic and trendy effect.

Recessed lighting

Outdoor lighting doesn’t just have a technical function. It can be decorative and provide soothing ambiance. For modern landscaping, you can take advantage of 60mm Victorian-style paving stones in onyx black and Para slabs in nickel grey. Embed recessed lighting in the paving stones to create a relaxing atmosphere while remaining practical.

This refined and discreet lighting will make all the difference in your yard and your daily life!

Questions for our team?

60 years of experience in modern or traditional landscaping also means 60 years of dedication to our customers. If you have further questions or need a custom quote, Laniel Paysage will be glad to help you. To reach us: contact us by phone or write to us. We will help you plan your landscaping and offer you the best advice. Our mission is your satisfaction!

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