Pool Landscaping

Laniel Paysage offers a wide selection of products and styles for your pool landscaping. We recommend Techo-Bloc and Permacon products, the two best manufacturers in the industry. Thanks to our mobile showroom, you can get a preview of the visual impact of our products around your pool. It will be the most beautiful in your neighbourhood. We guarantee it!

Slabs and paving stones

We offer a wide variety of exterior concrete slabs and paving stones samples to beautify your pool.

We also offer natural stone products; random size flagstones, square cut pavers and pool copings.Test out our products at home thanks to our showroom. Trying them means choosing them.


This slab is a great choice for landscaping around your pool and—more specifically—its edges. With various dimensions and a smooth finish, it will beautify your backyard.


With an ultra-smooth finish, this concrete slab will beautify your pool landscaping by giving it a modern and contemporary look.


Wonderfully imitating chiseled and carved natural stone, this slab will brighten up your pool and give it authentic charm.

Flagstone patio 2-3”

Beautify your in-ground pool landscaping with Flagstone patio slabs. They will give your backyard an exotic look.

Sawn limestone slab

These slabs give a classy and authentic look to the landscaping around your outdoor pool. Their natural appearance will give you the impression of swimming in total serenity.


This slab will give a classical look to your pool landscaping with its refined linear pattern.

Low walls and retaining walls

We offer a wide range of low walls for your outdoor pool landscaping. Some are made from natural stone. Save time and avoid frustrations thanks to our mobile showroom.  

Lexa Tandem wall

Its contemporary design will give a unique character to your backyard. Ideal for outdoor pool layouts with simple colours. 

Melville Tandem wall

Its silky texture makes it an ideal choice for ultra-modern and sophisticated pool landscaping styles.

Wall and pool coping

We offer you a wide range of styles and colours for your outdoor pool coping. Take advantage of our showroom and try our products right at home.

Melville 50 coping

Harmonizing with the colours and styles of our time, this coping will beautify your pool landscaping according to the latest trends. It is manufactured for outdoor stair facades.

Bullnose Grande Pool Coping

This coping has wide, rounded edges. This gives a smoother, timeless look to the edge of your pool. This type of coping is also safer for children who are playing around the pool.

Raffinato smooth coping

The Raffinato collection offers a chic, simplified style. This coping is available in 2 thicknesses: 60 and 90 mm. This lets you choose the thickness that matches your needs, whatever the application. You will thereby add a touch of modernity to your pool.

Laguna pool coping

This type of coping is specially designed for rectangular or straight pools. It gives a trendy and contemporary look to your pool.

Outdoor lighting and weirs​

We offer a wide range of lighting products for your in-ground pool that are very simple to install. Thanks to our showroom, you can see what they will look like in your home. 

SOLWORX - WALL LIGHT with 3- or 7-inch plate

This light with a 3- or 7-inch plate can light up your steps and your walls. 12 Volts, 1 Watt, and 3,000 Kelvin. Available in 2 colours: black and white 


Complement your landscaping with the calm and soothing sound of a waterfall. These acrylic weirs are available in widths of 12, 24, 36, and 48 inches.

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